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About Silicone Wire Systems and Seth Emerson
Silicone Wire Systems was started in 1978 and fully formed as a company in 1980. It was started when a number of racers couldn't find good ignition wires for their race cars, primarily Yenko Stinger/ Corvairs. I made a dozen or so sets for the racers and people in the local Corvair club saw them and asked me to make sets for their street Corvairs. I established sources for all of the components and started advertising and selling nationally in 1980.
This will be a reverse history of Race Cars I have built/owned/driven over the years. I will expand it as I get good Photos and find the time.

This is my current Corvair Project. It is a Corsa coupe converted to a Yenko Stinger.

I am still working on the powertrain to enhance reliability. The car won its class at the 2008 Corsa Convention in Ventura, CA. Eventually it will get painted.

This is my current Autocross car. A totally Stock Corvette. (Pretty Much) It is also a daily driver. I am running this once in a while - as I build my newest Corvair Autocross/track car and plan modifications to my C/P Camaro.

The car at the left is a 1994 Camaro I built in the 1999-2000 time frame. I won a regional C/P championship with it and drove it to an upper half finish at the 2002 SCCA National Solo II championship. In a mildly updated form, it still lives in my trailer. It has a 302" Aluminum head small block and a T10 4-speed.

This car is a 1965 Corsa Coupe, converted to a Stinger using a complete kit from Yenko Sportscars, YS 306 (as I recall). I ran this car as an SCCA E/SP autocross car and won many events. For the 1993 Corsa Convention in San Jose, I contracted with BFGoodrich to supply two sets of their Autocross tires. The Quickstart Challenge involved 15 eager drivers, all of whom had already run another car at the Convention Autocross. They each got two laps in the car to go as fast as they could. The winner got the second set of tires from BFG. The next year, 1994, we repeated the challenge at the Williamsburg Convention. I sold the car to a person from Maine who drove it home from California. My daughter and I drove the car at the 1997 Corsa Convention autocross in Lake Placid, NY. We both won our classes in it. The car was later destroyed in a road accident.

In 1988, I sold both my Street Stinger and my Race Stinger (YS003) and purchased a VW powered Lola, Super Vee. It took some convincing, but I squeezed in a 180 HP Corvair motor, later updated to a Weber carbureted 140. I won two regional A/Modified Championships with it and two Don Yenko Awards at Corvair Conventions. This car was sold in 1995 to Joe Christ of South Carolina.

This is Yenko Stinger YS003. I purchased the car in 1973 and ran it in SCCA road Racing D/Production class for several years. I then Autocrossed it for several more years. The car took fastest time of day at the San Diego Corsa Convention in 1978 and won a couple of SCCA regional championships and local Autocross titles. I sold the car to a person in Southern California, but the car was completely restored back East. It now looks better than it ever did when I owned it, but it is no longer a race car.

This car is a factory Air-conditioned 1966 Corsa Coupe. While I owned it, I converted it to a Yenko Stinger, using parts from Yenko and leftovers from my race car. This car visited the 1975 Corsa Convention in Seattle and served as my regular street driver for several Years. I sold it to a buddy of the guy who bought my Stinger race car. It was converted back to a Corsa and sold back East