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Bad Boy Corvairs - Ready to Rumble
Brought to you by Silicone Wire Systems
Seth's Newest Race Car - YS404 - Lockheed 2011
Doug Hargrove - Sears Point 1975 - the crew gets a victory lap! - Car destroyed at Portland 1976
Seth Emerson - YS003 In Stingeracing Trim - 1975 Laguna Seca
Doug's replacement car 1980
Several Stingers at Road Atlanta for the runoffs 1983
Mike Levine - Crown V8 - Road Atlanta 2005
Quickstart Car - San Jose Corsa Convention - 1993
Warren LeVeque 1966 Stinger Autocrosser - 2002 SCCA Solo II Nationals
Dan Gianotti - Hillclimb Stinger - 2008
Rick Norris Sunoco/Mark Donahue Tribute car - Waterford Hills 2007
Dave Edsinger's Yenko Stinger - Detroit Convention 2007
Mark Wright Autocross Stinger - California Speedway 2007
Chuck Sadek Vintage Stinger - Summit Point 08
Harlan Colburn Jr. V8 Corvair E-Mod Autocross car - Chicago 2001
Bill Hughes - 2008 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix!
Bob Marlow at Summit Point - Tail hanging out!
Dave Clemens in his car - This car has flare!
Terry Stafford's 64 Spyder at Putnam Park - Other race Corvairs in the background
Stewart MacLeod followed by Rick Stansbury at Summit Point
Bob Slusher
Joe Dunlap at Beaver Run
Doug Hargrove drag racing his 1962 - in 1969 - Stockton, CA
Bruce Chapman's 65 Turbo - Raced at Goodwood by Hurley Heywood
Kasey Vandenberg - Dana Stinger
Brian Oneill - (at Pocono?)
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