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Eight colors of wire are available. My normal sets are all are mechanically the same, and fit 1961-69. I use an 8mm Silicone insulated/jacketed wire with a magnetic suppression center core. That gives low resistance and radio protection. The wire is made by Taylor Wire in Missouri. I use Silicone boots on the plug, and snap-in seals that stay in place, sealing the air flow into the shroud. My wires are slightly longer than the stock wires and should clear any carb mods.

All colors are the same price, $40. The 1960 sets are an additional $2, due to material costs. I also supply special Smog/Air Conditioning motor coil wires. They are a couple of inches longer, making it an easier to reach the rear mounted coil in safety. The longer coil wire is a no cost option for all wires sets. I will charge only actual US Postal Priority Mail costs (about $6) for shipping, no "handling" or boxing costs.


8mm Wire colors:

Blue Yellow Red Green Orange Purple Gray (and) Black!


Thank you for your inquiry. Just print the area below, fill it out, and send it in with a check!


Please send me _____ Sets @ $40 per set plus $6.00 shipping (per set) = $_______

Year of your car_________

A/C or Smog Pump?_______

What Color Sets?________


Checks should be made payable to: "Silicone Wire Systems"

Send your order to:

Silicone Wire Systems

3462 Kirkwood Dr.

San Jose, CA 95117-1549

(408) 247-2237 (Home)


Please tell me where to ship the Wires: