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Hub adapters for 1964 and 1965-66 Corvairs (without Telescoping Column)
New Product!

The polished Aluminum adapters are two and a half inches tall, eliminating the need for spacers or adapters. They have the correct five-bolt pattern that allows the Grant Signature series wheel to bolt directly on. The hub-centric mounting assures a tight fit, and the adapter comes complete with a black horn button and wiring feed. Included, for the 1965-66 model, is a new plastic turn signal cancelling cam. The cam replaces the stock part which is no longer available. For the 1964 model, you can remove the original cam and re-install it on this adapter. These are a gorgeous piece of work, all made in the USA. The adapters allows you to choose from lots of different wheels, and makes the installation a breeze. The price for the adapter, including the cancelling cam and black horn button is $95.

The 1964-66 Corvair models use a special small Corvair-only spline for the steering shaft. The only other steering wheel adapter currently available is a remake of the original Grant/Superior Industries adapter from the 1960 There are a few drawbacks to the older adapter. Out of the box, it only fits the older style Grant wheels, including their Nostalgia series wheels. In order to make it usable with the more modern 5 or 6 bolt wheels, even Grant s, extra adapters must be used and aligned to adapt the newer models. It is also very short, which requires either longer arms for the driver or adapter spacers (much preferred). was seeking a more modern adapter for the very popular 65-66 Corvairs. It took a year of working together on these parts but they are now available. If you already have a Grant Signature Series wheel, this is all you would need. If you have a six-bolt wheel, such as a MOMO or a GM "Wood" Wheel, we now have the adapter available to fit these wheels and Grant now makes a very nice replica of the factory wheel. If you want to check out the selection of Grant wheels, look at their web site at For pricing, you can always check or your local speed shop. I also sell the Grant wheels so check with me before you buy.